Welcome to the new WFH site from W2W

Welcome to the new WFH site from W2W

Ray Ergonomic Task Chair

Compact ergonomic design with unique flexible seat encouraging good posture makes Ray an ideal home office chair.


  • All black finish 
  • Patented flexible seat
  • Plastic seat and back
  • Upholstered seat option available
  • Gas lift raises seat from 50-67cm
  • High option available 54-79cm
  • 5 star castor base
  • Integrated bag/coat hook

Typical delivery in 3-4 working days, subject to confirmation. This product is delivered flat-packed and requires basic self-assembly.

The open sitting posture
The RAY chair focuses primarily on the design of the seat. Research has shown that the traditional “right angled” sitting posture leads to poor back support, weakening of the major muscle groups and in time can result in several lifestyle diseases.
The most effective posture for the user is with an open angle between thighs and torso and the hip as a fulcrum. This allows the pelvis to rotate forward until the spine takes a natural balanced position, where the upper body is supported optimally.

The flexible seat
The height-adjustable RAY chair is the result of many years of development and testing. The philosophy of the RAY chair is to sit higher on the chair and with an open seat angle. The rear part of the seat where the tailbone is in contact with the seat surface is rigid and inflexible. This rigid shape continues under the flexible seat to a more narrow shape – similar to the shape of a bicycle saddle.
The area outside of the “saddle” is flexible, so that the pressure from the legs will cause the flexible seat to bend down. The front part of the rigid seat encourages leg separation when sitting higher. When also keeping the feet on the ground this offers support to the pelvis, stabilizes posture and activates various muscle groups. The RAY chair’s patented seat technology helps the user to sit dynamically and change posture as needed. The flexible seat allows the user to take a higher upright sitting position with less strain on the legs, which is not possible on conventional chairs.

The playful expression
The RAY chair has a playful and floating expression which ties in well with the active seating position. The back is refined and light and attached by two arms to the flexible and soft seat. The chair has nice details and is available in many colours, which together with the humoristic and playful undertones create a beautiful and harmonious chair.

The chair’s backrest is in moulded nylon and the flexible seat is made from a special plastic that can withstand the many deflections. The seat is also available in a simple and beautiful upholstered version. Castors and release levers for height adjustment are designed to reduce noise to a minimum.