Welcome to the new WFH site from W2W

Welcome to the new WFH site from W2W

Sit-stand desk convertor

Convert your fixed height desk into a sit-stand desk by the addition of this electric desktop riser.

It's widely acknowledged that long-term sitting is harmful to user wellbeing and that varying your position between sitting and standing is a healthier solution. This clever add-on to a standard desk elevates the monitor and keyboard to standing height, optimising the ergonomic experience for the user.


  • Lifting range: 85-525mm, suitable for user height range between 1500-2000mm
  • Max load capacity 50kgs
  • Push-button operated electric lifting mechanism
  • Firm base to ensure steady lifting
  • Two USB device charging points
  • Spring wire design to achieve clean appearance
  • Mobile phone slot to make work more convenient

Typical delivery in 3-4 working days subject to confirmation.